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About DroneVersus

Providing comparative analysis to help you find the perfect drone

Putting drone research on its head Highlighting drones based on your requirements

DroneVersus is a fresh new drone comparative website launched in early 2019.

DroneVersus aims to contextualize drones throughout the research process.

Often new drone owners have a goal or objective in mind when purchasing a new drone. They may require a certain speed, video resolution or certain number of effective megapixels. The comparative analysis provided by DroneVersus helps to see how drones stack up against each other.

By leading with what you need DroneVersus highlights drones that fit your needs. DroneVersus aims to flip the drone researching process on its head.

As DroneVersus continues to grow we will be adding additional drones to the comparison and new analysis. Our goal is to empower those in the drone market with the information they need to make the right choice.

If you have a drone you'd like us to include in our analysis or would like to provide feedback of any kind please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Some Comparisons We Offer

Video Resolution

Need a drone that can shoot 4K DCI at 24 fps? Need a drone that shoot in 120FPS for super slick slow motion? Start your research here.

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Effective Megapixels

Are you looking for a drone that can take decent quality pictures for larger format printing? Search dronees by effective Megapixels.

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If speed is important then be sure to check out the speed analysis section highlighting drone horizontal, ascent and descent speeds.

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Field of View (FOV)

Higlighting drones from high action fisheye views for "fast action follow me" to focused areas of view for cinematographic effect.

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