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Drones by Megapixels

Need with Drone with more effective megapixels?Megapixels are the key to breathtaking detail.

One million pixels equals one megapixel. This means that if your photo is 1 Megapixel, it consist of 1 million tiny squares of information pieced together like a mosaic to form a complete picture. The larger the count of megapixels, the better details and quality you will have in a photo.

Take inspiring photos from your drone

When you fly your drone, what is it that you want to take pictures of? landscapes, buildings? The larger the count of megapixels directly relates to a higher quality photo.

The best way is to attach a quality camera with a minimum of 12 Megapixels to your UAV. Of course, the larger the megapixels that larger the photo file will be. Keep in mind, the larger your photo files, the more space on your hard drive they will take up. Depending on the drone this will mean fewer inflight images.

Drones are only as good as the equipment they use. So, a good camera with a high amount of megapixels and sufficient storage space will be just perfect for capturing your adventures.

Below we've provided a featured list of drones sorted by the number of Effecitve Megapixels.

1 21 MP

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2 20 MP

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4 20 MP

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