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Drones By Speed

Horizontal, Ascending and Descending

Looking for a drone that can go a particular speed?

Whether you want the fastest drone on the market or simply one that travels at or above a particular speed then you've come to the right place.

DroneVersus is comparing drones based on speed. This provides the ability to see any one drone in the context of a full array of drones. This unique perspective into drone speed provides one more valuable tool in researching drones.

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Balancing drone speed and drone control

Everyone would love to zip around the skies from one place to another at breathtaking speeds. Flying a speedy drone puts you in the cockpit as you soar the skies like no other. However, with great speed comes great responsibility. Speed naturally affects the balance of control and requires a more skilled pilot to handle.

Drone racers are highly skilled at maneuvering their drones at top speeds. Many drones will limit their speed to ensure they can be controlled properly through GPS.

Balancing drone speed and drone picture quality

Another factor to consider when flying at high speeds is your picture quality. If you are trying to get a view of the land at top speed, you will have to slow down a bit.

Cameras that provide a higher picture quality tend to be heavier which, in turn, will reduce the overall achievable speed by the drone.

The goal of this speed comparison is to help you find the delicate balance that solves your purposes and has the right amount of speed for you is entirely possible on DroneVersus.

As with all of the comparisons on DroneVersus - this information has been derived by analyzing technical specifications provided by the manufacturer. This information is provided "as is" and is not guaranteed to be accurate in any way.

What is m/s and how fast is that exactly?

Speed is measured in Meters per second. (m/s)

In the drones listed DroneVersus has converted the speed provided by the manufacturer to meters per second. This provide a single comparable number that is shared amongst all drones. To put it into context: 20 m/s is

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Drones by Horizontal Speed

1 26 m/s

Product Thumbnail

3 20 m/s

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4 20 m/s

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Drones by Ascending Speed

Many drones have techinical specification which indicate the speed at which it can climb. Listed here are Drones by climbing speed

2 6 m/s

Product Thumbnail

4 6 m/s

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Drones by Descending Speed

Furthermore a handful of drones haves specify the speed at which indicate the drone can descend. Listed here are Drones by descending speed

2 4 m/s

Product Thumbnail

4 4 m/s

Product Thumbnail

9 3 m/s

Swatch for Mavic Pro DJI Mavic Pro

10 3 m/s

Swatch for Spark DJI Spark

11 3 m/s

Swatch for Phantom 3 SE DJI Phantom 3 SE

12 3 m/s

Swatch for Mantis Q Yuneec Mantis Q